The Next 6 Basketball Stats to Track

SportsVisio Team
Oct 2022

Now, lets get advanced and build on the 4 stats to track to win games.

The next 6 stats to get a clearer picture of what's happening.

  1. Defensive Rebounding Percentage (DReb%) - DReb% is the percentage of available rebounds the defensive team gets. The formula is DReb% = DReb / (DReb + Opponents OReb).
  2. Offensive Rebounding Percentage (OReb%) - OReb% is the percentage of available rebounds the offensive team gets. The formula is OReb% = OReb / (OReb + Opponents DReb).
  3. Fouls - Fouls are the enemy number one of a good defense. Nothing is worse than working really hard defending only to foul your opponent and give them free throws. Directly related to free throw attempts which is a main game KPI.
  4. Attempts in the Paint - This is a critical stat that affects offense, defense, and all areas of the game. More attempts in the paint than our opponent is important. Closer to the basket means better EFG% too. 
  5. Contested shots - Contested shots +/- is a great measure that feeds into EFG%. If you are contesting more shots then the other team then you are getting more open looks and your shooting % should go up.
  6. Turnovers -  how many turnovers you commit and how it compares to your opponent. One way to view it is +/-  (Q1 T%= +4: meaning your team had net 4 more turnovers in the 1st quarter.) (A next level stat is Points off turnovers +/- … more on next level stats in coming articles, did your team defend well after a turnover and did you score points off of opponents turnovers) 

These 6 important stats have a big impact on the game and have an impact on the Main KPI "4 top level stats."

For example, committing turnovers will lower your FG attempts (a top level stat) and conversely raise your opponent′s FG attempts.

Also, what happens after most turnovers? They turn into easy fast break opportunities for your opponents, which increases their EFG%.

And if you examine each of the 6 stats above, you'll see they have a big impact on the game and feed directly into the 4 Key top level stats.


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