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What sports are currently available for analysis?

Today, we have a fully featured basketball product. Upload your game, and we deliver box scores and highlights in the SportsVisio app. We’re working on some other sports and hope to have some news on release dates later on in 2024.  If you would like to join our early access list for volleyball, send us a mail:

How long does it take to have the results once I upload the games?

After the game is uploaded, it usually takes less than 24 hours to have stats and highlights, but it may depend on the length and quality of the videos. We always work on having results returned within 48 hours.

How does the AI recognize the players?

Our revolutionary sports computer vision recognizes players based on a variety of inputs including jersey color and numbers. Players on the same team must have the same color jersey, with visible and different numbers for each player, ideally on the front and back.

What kind of information can I get in the SportsVisio App?

You can get full team and player stats, watch highlights for every play and enjoy an automatically generated highlight reel for every player, and showcase your awards in our player locker. Statistics include minutes, field goals made, field goals attempted, three pointers made, three pointers attempted, free throws made, free throws attempted, field goals %, three pointer %, free throw %, blocks, steals, turnovers, assists, personal fouls. Advanced stats such as minutes and shot charts are coming soon.

Who has access to my games?

The SportsVisio community is public and all users can see the results of all games, if they know what to search for. We are planning to add an optional Private setting by mid 2024.

I want to change my email after creating my account in the app, is that possible?

It is not possible to change your email account. However, if you wish to use a different email, you can unclaim your player, delete the current account, create a new one with the desired email, and then claim your player again.

I’ve found an inaccuracy in my personal or team stats. What should I do?

Mistakes can happen and we appreciate you letting us know. You can report any inaccuracies in your player profile, game overview, or highlight view. You can also contact our Customer Success Team at

Do I need to create an account to view my statistics? Should I do this independently, or should I expect something from SportsVisio?

Yes, you can download the “SportsVisio” app, signup, search from your team, and claim your player. If you are in a SportsVisio league, once you are added to a team you will also receive an invitation email that takes you to the app where you will be able to claim your player.

What happens if there's a player on my roster whose number I don't know yet?

You can contact us at and inform us of the player whose number is yet to be decided. We'll assign a provisional number that can be updated later. Kindly submit the other required details for that player including Full name and email. This will ensure the player can claim his or her profile in our app. Please note, providing the final player number before the season starts is crucial for accurate game stats and highlight attribution.

If the app isn't functioning properly, what do you recommend?
  • Ensure that your app is updated to the latest version.
  • Ensure that you have signal or Wi-Fi while using the app.
  • If the app crashes, fully close and restart the app.
  • If all these steps fail, please contact with the following information: Phone model, Phone type, Current app update number

When will volleyball be publicly available?

We're targeting Mid 2024 for the release of our second sport, volleyball. If you would like to join our early access list for volleyball, send us a mail:

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