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AI-powered stat-tracking and highlights

Using your recorded game footage, our AI technology delivers player stats and highlights through a simple to use app that elevates your game.

how it works

Record the game.
We do the rest.


Capture game footage

Our advanced AI software is designed to work with footage from any device, ensuring you never miss a moment of the action. All you need to do is frame the court, and our technology takes care of the rest.


Upload your game file

Uploading your game footage is crazy simple. Just fill in your game details, select your file for upload and our AI will transform your raw footage into a comprehensive box score and highlight reels.


View your stats and video highlights in the app

We'll alert you as soon as your game stats and video highlights are ready to view. We're super quick, so you can enjoy watching that fade away the next day.

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what we hear
" SportsVisio is a secret weapon.  Quick access to stats and highlights is like having a coach and a video assistant in my pocket. "

Duncan Robinson

NBA Shooting Guard, Miami Heat
Profile shot of Duncan Robinson Basketball Player
2 Basketball players in defence
Baseball player hitting ball
sports team having a pep talk
2 Female Soccer Players in tackle
our vision

Redefining the Future of Sports Engagement and Performance Analysis

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