Jason Syversen on The Petcash Pod with Andrew Petcash

SportsVisio Team
Dec 2022

Jason Syversen appeared on Episode 2 of the Petcash Pod with Andrew Petcash on December 12, 2022. Petcash is a former D1 basketball player turned entrepreneur who speaks with founders, investors, and athletes about the business of sports. In this episode, Syversen touches on how SportsVisio differs from its competitors as a more accessible and affordable option for players and how the minimal equipment needed allows for convenience and long-term use. 

Petcash and Syversen dive deeper into the emerging world of AI and how SportsVisio has made its mark. They also discuss what stats SportsVisio calculates and which ones are more difficult than others. Syversen also talks about the future of AI and why he decided now was a great time for him to start SportsVisio. Listen to the full episode here:

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