SportsVisio puts Sean O’Connor into the game as Chief Revenue Officer

SportsVisio Team
Apr 2024

SportsVisio recently expanded its roster of top talent, adding Sean O’Connor as its new Chief Revenue Officer. Joining the leadership team, O’Connor brings 20 years of experience in digital advertising and entrepreneurial ventures to this role, which will oversee Direct and Partner Sales, Brand Marketing, and Communications. He was most recently at Microsoft, holding a variety of sales, operations, and marketing positions, as he coached multiple teams and worked with companies of all sizes from around the world.  

Sean now reports to SportsVisio Founder and CEO Jason Syversen, who shared: 

"Sean is a proven leader who has demonstrated a remarkable ability to drive growth in both B2B and B2B2C scenarios with a breadth of experience across all channels that drive company growth. He is uniquely suited to shape our brand and how we go to market to accelerate our growth." 

We sat down with Sean to get more background and his insights on ways SportsVisio will elevate the game.

First, welcome to the team–tell us a bit more about you.

My wife Liz and I met at a communications agency back in 2004, where we mainly handled Microsoft accounts before I later went to work at Microsoft for 17 years. We have four kids: Clara (14), Crosby (13), Rory (11) and Elle (5). I'm hugely focused on my family and spend a lot of that time with my kids in their sporting endeavors–whether it’s coaching or training, I'm involved. 

We moved to Dublin in 2013 after living in Seattle for 10 years. We're working on becoming Irish citizens and happy to call Dalkey home.

What’s your sport of choice? And teams you follow?

I’ve been competing, watching, coaching and learning sports all of my life. My first sports memories are the 1986 Super Bowl where the Bears did the shuffle and watching Keith Smart hit the game winner for Indiana University in the 1987 Final Four. I’ve played competitive American football, basketball, and baseball. I’m an accomplished skier, and I’ve dabbled in golf, sailing, flag football and tag rugby, tennis, and recently soccer. Anything outdoors that involves a ball and some competition, I’m game. 

My favorite teams are my kids’ teams of course. And I support Gonzaga basketball (where I went to university), Irish Rugby, Tottenham Hotspurs, and the Seattle Seahawks. I have a cousin who played for the Kansas City Chiefs, so the 2024 Super Bowl was fun.

How would you describe your leadership philosophy and/or style?

The more we know about each other and understand where people are coming from, the more effective we’ll be. Trust means speed. Magic happens when teams are both collaborative and insanely competitive, so I always look to incentivize both. 

Previous teammates might call me a bit of a stoic. I’m not quick to show emotion, and I don't need to be the loudest voice in the room. I also love to communicate as simply and concisely as possible. 

Do you have any favorite books?

I'm obsessed with learning, and I'm a generalist by nature. I like to know at least a little bit about a lot of things. Business and leadership books that take inspiration from sports are a happy place for me. Some of my favorites are “Legacy” by James Kerr, “The Score Takes Care of Itself” by Bill Walsh, and “Range” by David Epstein.

Speaking of science…any psychometrics data to reveal?

I love psychometrics and have done a ton of these. Most days, I'm an INTP (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving), but you can find me switching from introvert to extrovert every so often. My favorite is the Clifton StrengthsFinder–my strengths are Strategic, Maximizer, Focus, Futurist, and Self Assurance. I’m always happy to chat on these and find them useful in building understanding and connection in teams. 

What are you most excited about, as you get started?

The team is ready to change the sports industry. I believe that. With the digitalization and democratization of stats and highlights for athletes at all levels, from youth to pros, we’re giving players what they need to up their game. Doing this with AI and advanced computer vision creates tremendous opportunity to enable players, coaches, and leagues. I'm looking forward to showing customers what SportsVisio can do today and in the future. Lets go!

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