Boosting Boise’s Basketball: The Salvation Army’s Partnership with SportsVisio

Alan Arlt
Apr 2024

Derrick Brown, Facility & Recreation Director at The Salvation Army Boise Corps, was looking for an edge.

The Sports Academy

In establishing “The Sports Academy” in 2022, The Salvation Army delivered the first free competitive basketball program in Idaho for those pursuing the game at a competitive level and to provide league play to amateurs of all ages, offering teams stats and highlights was considered essential for every player who aspires for more.

After conducting extensive research, Brown turned to SportsVisio to help deliver the best possible player experience.

“Unless you’re a university or high school, it’s very difficult to get stats produced on a mass scale,” said Brown. “Any mom or pop can take an iPhone and record their kid, but when you have 70 plus players in a league, SportsVisio looked like a comprehensive amenity to take all players to the next level.”

SportsVisio is setting SAL apart

SportsVisio already is helping set The Salvation Army’s league apart. The best players in Boise are joining up and spreading the word, and whether competing against themselves or another stat leader, the democratization of data is a draw—an amateur league becomes professional with access to stats.

“City leagues all across American don’t offer that,” added Brown.

For competitive players looking to elevate their game, the opportunity to get this data quickly and in the palm of their hand lets players see where they’re most successful— for example, in assessing their 3 point percentage compared to their overall FG percentage. They also see their mechanics in the highlight reels to target areas for improvement, and access to league standings and player rankings amplifies the competitive spirit.

The app is easy to use

“When people know this is accessible to them, they’re going to use it,” said Brown. “When I promote the league with highlights from the current league, they’ll say that could be me, I want to do that. Players get empowered through this stuff.”

The Salvation Army league, combined with SportsVisio, is giving Idaho athletes a chance to play at the highest level with the best possible experience. In closing, Brown noted:

“It’s been so much fun. This is my NBA.”

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