Keeping Statistics and Using Video Can Improve Your Basketball League

SportsVisio Team
Sep 2022

You don’t need to be a professional to enjoy professional level statistical tracking.

Most men’s basketball leagues keep the score of the game, mark a winner and loser, and move on to the next game - and that’s all.

There are no stat leaders, game highs, or shot charts. There’s no video to analyze performance in an attempt to perform better in the next game. There’s no way to track who the league’s best players are and their statistics as proof. The game is over, the result recorded, and the rest is history.

But take a second to imagine a world where you could:

  •  play in a men’s basketball league 
  •  log on to an app before the next game to see stats
  •  see highlights video me, my team and for the entire league

This is possible with SportsVisio and their AI statistic-tracking technology.

There are three main purposes of men’s basketball leagues:

  1. provide an opportunity for participants to stay in shape
  2. provide something fun for participants to do in their free time
  3. provide a competitive outlet

What the best leagues are doing?

Using statistics and video enhances all three of these factors.

We all know that when you start tracking performance, the performance improves. Study after study has proven this and we can see it in our own daily lives.

If players in casual basketball leagues know that stats are being taken, video is being recorded, and results can be analyzed by the entire league...both the competitive spirit and fun of being in a league are amplified.

Players will be striving to perform at a better rate, spending time outside of league games to look at statistics and watch video, and strategizing ways to beat their upcoming opponents.

This makes the league more fun, builds a sense of community, and ignites some competitive fire into games.

Why is Tracking Fitness so Fun?

People love to track their numbers in all areas of their lives. They track their daily steps, caloric intake, heart rates, and more. These people aren’t professional athletes, but they do use professional-level technology and trackers to get a detailed look into their personal statistics.  They are every day people concerned about being the best versions of themselves.  They use the analytical data and “statistics” from their daily activity to analyze their actions and enhance their lives.

A casual basketball league can still use professional level statistic-tracking to help its participants. And let’s be honest, people love seeing how well they are performing and watching themselves on video!

In review, the main reasons why people sign up for men’s basketball leagues are to have fun, be competitive, and stay in shape.  You can enhance all of these reasons (and have a league that people thoroughly enjoy, talk about in their free time, and promote to their social circles) by using stats and video in an intelligent and efficient way.

Interested in how you can do this for your basketball league? Get the app

SportsVisio uses AI to capture statistics from game footage to help track performance and bring a professional-type experience to your teams and sports leagues.


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