Game Changer: Got Game Unlocks All-Star Potential with SportsVisio

Sean O'Connor
May 2024

Got Game Sports is a basketball program from Ireland, is known for teaching basketball fundamentals following the renowned Spanish way of coaching. They selected the best players from their camps and embarked on a journey to the Mare Nostrum Tournament in Spain, entering both boys and girls teams in the competitive U18 fields. With the goal of showcasing their skills on an international stage and exposing their players to a high level competition, the team recognized the importance of leveraging the latest basketball technology to gain a competitive edge and create lasting memories for their players. 

Challenges for Teams

Competing in tournaments like Mare Nostrum present several challenges for traveling teams.  First, parents and supporters may hear all about the tournament but rarely get a chance to see basketball games streamed or even to review stats and individual highlight clips. Additionally, with the intensity of tournament play and the pressure to perform at their best, the players and coaching staff are out of their normal environments, but still need tools to help them identify opportunities and implement development plans for their players. 

Solutions with technology

To address these challenges, Got Game All Stars partnered with SportsVisio, a leading sports technology company specializing in AI generated stats and video highlights. A parent recorded each game from an Android phone on a tripod at mid court, uploaded games directly to SportsVisio's cloud, and SportsVisio provided the team with full box score statistics and individual highlights for every game played.

SportsVisio's AI powered stats and highlights enabled the coaches, players, and families to:

  • Relive the best moments.  The boys and girls teams combined for three buzzer beaters during the eight games as well as fourth that was narrowly called off.  There were three pointers from every corner, players dropping dimes on creative pick and rolls, and more steals and blocks than anyone could have remembered.
  • Performance Evaluation. SportsVisio's statistical tracking tools enabled Got Game coaches access to aggregated statistics which they used for development conversations with their players to set new benchmarks for growth.  
“Our recent partnership with SportsVisio during the Mare Nostrum Cup in Salou, Spain, was a game-changer. Their technology provided invaluable insights, enabling us to optimize player performance and gain a competitive edge on the court. The technology is very impressive and seamless to use, our players were thrilled with the opportunity to utilize the app, granting them quick access to their highlights, and statistics.” - Sean Ingle, Got Game Sports, Coach and Director.


The Got Game All Stars had an impressive showing at the Mare Nostrum Tournament, sparking excitement within their program and interest in their upcoming summer camps. Throughout the tournament, both teams demonstrated noticeable progress as they acclimated to the tournament's rules and local style of play. Utilizing SportsVisio's platform, the team pinpointed areas needing improvement and has planned focused training routines to elevate their abilities. This trip serves as a solid foundation for future competitions.

Some of the best moments from the tournament are compiled here: 

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